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DHL Canada branches in Ontario, Canada

DHL Canada has many branches in Ontario. Read this article to get information about store & location, services, tracking, near me and contact section.

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DHL Canada Near Me

DHL Canada offers a wide range of services in Ontario, Canada. It has many branches across Ontario to provide its customers with great services. Here you can find information about DHL Canada branches in Ontario, their services, tracking, how to find a store near you, and how to contact them.

Stores & Locations

DHL Canada has many stores and locations across Ontario with different services provided at each one. Some of the stores are located in Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie, Oshawa, London, Niagara Falls, and many other cities. You can easily find a store near you using the 'Near Me' feature on the DHL website.


DHL Canada offers various services such as international shipping, express delivery, freight forwarding, and more. They also have great customer service with knowledgeable representatives that are always available to answer any questions. They provide a variety of payment options so it is easy to pay for your order.


DHL provides a convenient tracking service for customers to track their orders and keep an eye on it as it moves through the process. You can track your order using the tracking number provided by DHL. The tracking service is available on the DHL website or you can use the tracking service provided by Canada Logistics.

Near Me

If you need to find a DHL store near you, you can use the 'Near Me' feature on the DHL website. This feature helps you to find the nearest store with DHL facilities. You can also use Canada Logistic's Near Me feature to find DHL stores in Ontario.


If you need to contact DHL Canada regarding any queries, you can reach out to them via telephone at 1-855-345-7447 or via email on their website. You can also visit their website for any additional information.

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