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Loomis Express Canada Branches in Nova Scotia, Canada

Loomis Express is a leading courier company that has many branches in Nova Scotia, Canada. They offer tracking services, near me offices, and contact information.

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Loomis Express is a leading courier company that has many branches in Nova Scotia, Canada. With well-trained workers and modern facilities, they guarantee the safety of your parcels

Offices (Store & Location)

Loomis Express has many offices located across Nova Scotia. You can find the closest office to you by going to https://canadalogist.com/nearme/loomis-express. This website has a comprehensive list of all the Loomis Express offices in Nova Scotia, their contact information, and opening hours.


Loomis Express offers a wide range of services for their customers, including express and next-day delivery, standard delivery, container delivery, fuel card services, bundles management, and remote delivery. Additionally, they also provide overland and ocean freight services, customized logistics solutions, IT and eCommerce solutions, and more.


You can track the progress of your parcel shipment with Loomis Express with their tracking service. All you have to do is go to https://canadalogist.com/tracking/loomis-express, enter the tracking number, and you’ll be able to view the status of your shipment.

Near Me

Loomis Express has branches across Nova Scotia that are conveniently located near you. All you have to do is search for “Loomis Express near me” and you’ll get a comprehensive list of all the branches that are close to you. Additionally, you can also go to https://canadalogist.com/nearme/loomis-express to find the closest branch to you.


If you need to get in touch with Loomis Express, you can call them at 1-855-256-6647 or visit their website at https://www.loomisexpress.com/loomship/Home/Home.

Branches and offices in Nova Scotia