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Loomis Express Canada branches in Saskatchewan, Canada

Loomis Express in Saskatchewan has a wide range of services to offer. They have offices located throughout the province, offering pick-up points, parcel tracking, drop-off points, and more. Visit their website or phone number to learn more.

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Loomis Express is a courier service that provides delivery in Canada and the USA. They offer many services, including pick-up points, parcel tracking, drop-off points, and more. Loomis Express also has several branches in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Offices and Locations

Loomis Express Saskatchewan has locations throughout the province. You can find offices near me at https://canadalogist.com/nearme/loomis-express. To find your closest branch, use Loomis Express’s “Near Me” feature on their website. The website address is https://www.loomisexpress.com/loomship/Home/Home


Loomis Express offers a wide range of services in Saskatchewan, Canada. These include: fee-based pick-up points, parcel tracking, drop-off points, and much more. For more information, please contact Loomis Express via telephone at 1-855-256-6647.


You can track your parcel from Loomis Express at https://canadalogist.com/tracking/loomis-express.


For more information about Loomis Express, please visit their website at https://www.loomisexpress.com/loomship/Home/Home or call 1-855-256-6647.

Branches and offices in Saskatchewan