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Canada Post, St. John's, NL

😡Canada Post needs to learn some manners. They think they can push people around because “they’re so ...

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Canada Post, St. John's, NL
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Kenmount Road, St. John's, NL, Canada
Open Hour
Telephone 1-866-607-6301
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Justin “jmac” Mccarthy - 2022-12-05

Canada Post needs to learn some manners. They think they can push people around because “they’re so important”. This includes using price hikes, deceitful business tactics and harassment to get what they want. I wanted to send a parcel to Ontario and it was $44 more to send the parcel via priority mail than it was to send the parcel via Xpresspost. This increased the speed of delivery by possibly one business day. It costs more money to send parcel across Newfoundland than it does to send that same parcel to Ontario. The mail clerks harass you until you buy tracking.

Jonathan - 2021-04-13

They will never deliver your packagae to your home like each and every other courier company. They can't guarantee a delivery date and the wait times and customer service is terrible, whether it's at a local office or toll free number.

Angela Cooney - 2019-10-08

My mail is constantly delivered to the wrong address, I receive mail clearly marked for an address other than my own weekly. Xpress Post deliveries NEVER arrive on time and I'm told repeatedly that they were re-routed because they were sorted incorrectly. I have received notification of a parcel being delivered at least 6 times in the last year however the key is NOT left in my mailbox or the parcel was delivered to the wrong address. The older man in the Kenmount Rd office is rude and very disinterested when trying to resolve these issues offering ZERO help. Canada Post should be shut down because it seems impossible for them to provide quality service!!!!

Nicole W - 2018-05-07

A mail carrier put our package in parcel slot B and gave us the key for parcel slot A. Called multiple numbers and went to the office on Kenmount Road and got the same response "Sorry there's nothing we can do to help". How can you not help? Do you not sort mail here and put it out for delivery? Do you really not know which drivers cover which routes (as we were told)? After three weeks of waiting for Canada Post to fix their mistake and get the package moved to the proper slot or get the proper key for the slot it was put in, my husband had to chase down a mail man that was at our delivery box and get him to retrieve the package for us. The carriers are much more helpful than anyone that stands behind a desk or answers the phone pretending that they can help.

Ruby Lockyer - 2018-10-23

Thanks for the card, but as rude as I was treated at the post office in St. Johns NL the Kenmount Rd location I won't be using this service. They were about to take the package and then a lady...I'm assuming a manager came out and very rudely told me that they won't be processing my package and I should bring it to another location because they don't take them there...I mean it is after all a post office. I was told in a very condescending tone to take it elsewhere and deposit it and pay the charges online. It was supposed to be free on Tuesdays....anyway long story short; I will not be returning to this location and I shipped my package with Purolator and paid the price for very friendly service, which to me was quite worth it.