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Dicom Express is a leading courier service provider in Yukon, Canada. Get all information about their locations, services, tracking, nearby stores & offices, contact details.

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Yukon, Canada is home to a number of courier service providers, and Dicom GLS Canada is one of the leading companies in this region. They are a reliable and secure option for businesses and individuals who need to send packages across the country or even internationally.

Offices (Store & Location)

Dicom GLS Canada has multiple offices throughout Yukon, Canada, making them an accessible option for customers. Find the closest office to you by visiting the Dicom Canada Near Me page. The company also has a few locations outside of Yukon, so be sure to check out all of their locations if you don’t find what you’re looking for in your area.


Dicom GLS Canada offers a variety of services to meet the needs of its customers. Standard ground shipping is available as well as next day delivery, international shipping, and freight services. They also offer white glove delivery where customers can make special requests for their shipments such as ensuring they are delivered on time or to a specific location.


Dicom GLS Canada makes it easy to track packages with their online tracking system. Customers can check the status of their shipment by visiting the Dicom Canada Tracking page. On the page, customers can enter their tracking number or their order number to get an update. It is also possible to get updates through email or text messages.


For more information about Dicom GLS Canada and their services, customers can contact them at 1-888-463-4266 or visit their website at www.dicom.com.

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