Purolator, Calgary, AB

😡Please be aware🥱 (There is no provision for negative ratings! Hence one star even though they don’...

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Purolator, Calgary, AB
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Macleod Trail, Calgary, AB, Canada
Open Hour
Telephone 1-888-744-7123
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Pradeep Jani - 2022-06-04

Please be aware🥱 (There is no provision for negative ratings! Hence one star even though they don’t deserve) I ordered my iPhone on 27th May 2022. I received one message that it will be shipped to my address in 3-5 working days. I was waiting…… On latest updates, shipments details updated and it mentioned that my order will be delivered on 1st June 2022. So I planned accordingly my job schedules so as to receive my consignment of iPhone 13 Pro Max as it was mentioned on the Purolator message it will not be delivered unmanned. So as per Purolator message full day I was at home where it was supposed to be delivered to me in person. I waited and waited for whole day for Purolator delivery guy to come but no updates about timing of delivery. Just it says delivered on 1st June 2022. Finally at 6:30pm I was out for quick purchasing of my necessary foods for next job schedule day. When I returned at 6:40pm, I found delivery attempted slip pasted on the door. Which stated attempted at 1834 hours and asked to pickup my shipment on 6-2 at 1100 hours. My mobile number was mentioned in my order and it was with the Purolator driver. But surprisingly, they didn’t bothered to call me even when driver was arrived. This is so frustrating and wasting of everyone’s time, money, gas etc etc. I wondered why couriers are not trained to give a call when no one is responding to the door bell or not opening the door. This is very bad management and shows unprofessionally trained couriers. Couriers one call could have saved my valuable time, gas which is of national importance and money. Even it was good for their staff time saving as I had to go at their office and the receptionist has to spend five to ten minutes for me. Hope the management will take cognisance of my experience and save everyone’s time gas and money. Thanks for reading my reviews. Please like or unlike to help others

Jeff - 2022-10-05

Would give zero stars if I could. Driver was given access to both my building and my mail room. Instead just left a "sorry we missed you note" and left the item at a separate pick up location, despite the item not being expensive enough to warrant requiring a signature. If I were able to pick up the item on my own, I wouldn't have paid for shipping! Contacted Purolator to re-schedule delivery and followed instructions specifically so driver would know that no signature was required. Instead of actually re-delivering the item, they simply returned it to the sender, and refused to take responsibility or issue any refunds for the shipping costs. Was not contacted in any way before it was returned to sender. Have Amazon deliveries basically weekly and never had an issue. Yet Purolator can't figure it out. Horrible service.

Isabella Restrepo - 2022-08-31

I always have the worst time trying to get my packages from this company.. along with Fedex. You only attempt to delivery something for 5 seconds, without trying to contact the customer and make an effort to ensure they get their package. Some people wait around all day for their packages because they are waiting for something important! I never have issues with Amazon Prime or Canada Post. They always call me and wait for me to be available to give me my package. PLEASE make more of effort during your deliveries.

Josh Wilson - 2022-12-08

Entire company is terrible. Always late delivery. Had to go pickup order from office because the delivery driver was incapable. Have driven 20 minutes 3 times to pickup the package and each time they have a different reason for not having it. Shaw should consider using a different company for deliveries. Purolator is useless, my grandma could deliver packages faster on a tricycle.

Kiel Holden - 2022-11-29

Pretty brutal service.dropped off a parcel for next day delivery Friday at noon and its tuesday at noon now and the item still hasn't left Calgary. Meanwhile I'm stuck broke down 5 hours away and may as well hitchhiked cause I've been sleeping in my non running car for 5 days now waiting.