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Kim Millership - 7/23/2024 15:13:56

They have my package at my local courrier depot but it's NOT being delivered for 3 days

Anne Turner - 6/20/2024 5:37:36

I have made a trip into Whitehorse to your office on three different days, 3 different times during your posted 12-6pm times. Not happy!

Ron Bieganowski - 6/17/2024 22:49:02

Said parcel was delivered but its not anywhere by the house. I have security cameras but no one was in the yard. I also have another order but I can't find it. What Happened to your safe delivery.........

D Wilson - 6/14/2024 2:31:15

Prompt delivery. Driver is always in a friendly mood

Gerald Gabel - 6/12/2024 6:29:39

Your tracking website is terrible on Safari. It appears so large one can't figure it out. Plus you said at 11am that my parcel will be delivered in the next 3 hours and it's still not here 4:30pm

a - 4/22/2024 8:13:24


Heinz-Dieter Diekmann, 1745 Route 107 Williamsburg, NB - 4/6/2024 6:13:46

Great delivery driver! Our driveway is blocked by 20 inches of snow. He walked 50 yards down to our house with the parcel through knee deep snow! Great job, great service. Thank you so much! Tracking INTLCME634682078

Allan Landry - 4/5/2024 10:14:36

Was for April 1st delivery, then changed to April 4th - still not here and no call - is this a joke?

Nancy Moore - 3/9/2024 2:05:39

They went out of their way to make up for incorrect address issues (not their fault) several times. Always polite, courteous and professional. I wish all companies were like them to deal with!!!

laird rottacker - 2/27/2024 2:00:57

the worst

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