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Reviews, comments

laird rottacker - 2/27/2024 2:00:57

the worst

Gaikl Carey - 12/20/2023 7:46:09

Again.. Do NOT leave packages in front public entry of Apartment buildings!!!!! Unacceptable...anyone can pick them up! Happens time and again! No Email, no pic, no call, no buzz in to apartment.. I was home the entire day! Bad service again!

Thomas Auger - 12/17/2023 5:51:52

My package says delivered to "Cornwall, ON" #INTLCME302782419...DELIVER THE PACKAGE!

Thomas Auger - 12/17/2023 5:28:42

Package delivered to Cornwall, ON

Heather - 12/16/2023 8:02:37

This delivery company in williams lake is a complete and utter joke. Poor poor service. Incompetent at delivering packages

Bill MacDonald - 12/15/2023 4:15:47

been out for delivery since December 12 when can i expect the delivery??

Jill Brown - 12/6/2023 11:22:35

More updates should be listed other than "Carrier picked up the package".

Carla - 11/19/2023 2:36:42

Deliver to the correct address, read directions carefully and use GPS. You have delivered to the wrong address multiple times for my packages. This delivery appears to be lost which is a great inconvenience as now I need to deal with Amazon to reorder /get refund etc. Which is a pain in the ass. It was a gift and is now late. I am not really impressed with your service. I very clearly add delivery instructions which obviously are not followed.

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